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Climbing wall eClimber

Turn a classic climbing wall
into an interactive experience

Complex playground

Assembles a unique toy
with interactive features

Our Kreal.tivity

A vision we believe in.


Selected durable materials with an emphasis on aluminum. Made in Slovenia.


Together with you, we develop a product that is tailored to your preferences, goals and budget.


We stand behind our products and services. We provide maintenance services for our products across Europe.


We develop smart IoT products to stimulate physical activity, improve our perception of the environment, and help the affected.

Enter the world of creative aluminum

Completed projects

A climbing system to practice climbing techniques. Choosing the right direction through a mobile phone and a mobile app, allows you to monitor the progress of the workout on the directions set by experienced climbers.
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An external interactive themed toy in the form of an airplane includes facilities for play and motor development (rock climbing, slide, jumper, nets), sensory aids such as a control desk, and play and learning aids.
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The development of the ambient lamp has eliminated the problem of inefficient and unsustainable lamps that consume a lot of energy, have a short life span, do not provide natural lighting and are single-purpose.
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SINCE 2013
The company’s beginnings date back to 2013, when Kreal first appeared on the market as a subsidiary of Taluma. Based on years of research, Kreal is innovative in presenting new usable aluminum options with a synergy of design and architecture in different spaces. Our science-related experts represent the future of aluminum in its everyday functional use. Joint development with other companies resulted in the development of product families, including the “Xtreme Collection”, with GZS Diplomas and the * RED Dot Award ”. The development of outdoor equipment for urban and other open spaces has brought many innovative solutions. Aluminum is a key material for all weather conditions. Innovative solutions include smart equipment and learning systems. Continue reading…

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