Glamping mobile tent

The aluminum structure of the tent has been developed with the contribution of structural and technological knowledge in the field of Aluminum,. This is an important factor, because it is a mobile tent, where the manipulation of the entire structure during the transportation, assembly and dismantling phase is extremely important.

The terms of planning and execution were extremely short, and the search for technical solutions was time consuming, as was the prototyping itself, where we used proven partners.

The project used knowledge of rapid development and knowledge of aluminum processing technologies.

Open collaboration offers many opportunities for rapid learning, which is so important in the rapid development model. Namely, pooling and sharing knowledge means acquiring at the speed of learning and competence in areas that we do not master ourselves, or would spend too many resources (especially time!) for this knowledge.

Continuous learning and finding different avenues of execution, functionality in collaboration with others, are ways of competing in the global market.

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