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A climbing system that allows you to practice climbing techniques appropriate to your skill and mood. Choosing the right direction through a mobile phone and a mobile app allows you to monitor the progress of the workout on the directions set by experienced climbers. Keeping track of your progress and sharing information with your friends adds to the extra motivation and exercise that can be guided by experienced climbers.

Learning to climb inCclimbing Centers, schools or at home is associated with the ability to adjust climbing directions quickly to differently qualified users. Setting climbing directions is quite demanding and time consuming, and in the Climbing Centers the whole system of stretches is changed periodically, which is also extremely demanding.

The Kreal eClimber system allows you to determine directions and select them through a web application. The system allows the trainer to see the entire wall as he determines climbing directions. The trainer prescribes climbing directions to the trainee, who communicates through the system the (not) successfully climbed directions. In this way, the trainer and the trainers interact with the opportunity to act, has constant control, adjusts exercise and creates personalized workouts, remotely.


Kreal eClimber

Classic wall

Marked climbing direction

Application, LED on the handle

Label on the handle

Change of climbing direction

Select / adjust the direction on the application

Stick marks on the handlebar

Configuration changes

Periodically, monthly

1- 3 per week

Exercise Management

Remote Control


Exercise Monitoring, Online

Multiple Coaches, Remote

Personal, Visual

New Problems

Experienced Climber’s Problem Database

Coach / Wall Problems

Comparison Stimulations

Insights into Problem Database number of climbs

Personal exchange of experiences

Guided home workout

Distance guidance and monitoring

Passive guidance

The Kreal eClimber offers users the following advantages:

  • Allows the use of original handrails, meaning that existing or standard different providers can be used, which is significantly different from the competition,
  • Center illumination of the handrail,
  • Installation in an existing climbing wall,
  • Use of existing handrails,
  • Any distribution of any number of hands,
  • Special problem-creation functions,
  • Effective training and coaching tool.


A completely universal solution is suitable for any climbing wall. Climbers can choose between different paths, difficulty levels and analyze their progress. They can also share results on social media.