Outdoor exercise

The Parenzana Recreation and Cycling Trail along the abandoned railway line connecting Trieste and Porec today represents an important link between the tourist offers. Along the way there are four museums, salt pans, the Euphrasian Basilica, an observatory and many other sights. Locals and visitors alike use the recreational trail, but, because it is a relatively long route, people stop at certain points.
In two previous projects, we wanted to increase the attractiveness of the cycling and hiking trails and achieved a favorable response from locals and visitors. As these are tourist municipalities, we wanted to increase the attractiveness and, thus, the increased visitation and, consequently, increase the revenues of the municipalities.
  • despite the renovations, visitors were still underused. They stayed too short a time on the way,
  • insufficiently visible promotion of the tourist offer of municipalities and marking where the trail goes in nature,
  • low physical activity of the native population.
A Senior Advisor for European projects in the Municipality of Izola said that they needed a partner to enable them to
  • add an additional sporting note by setting up training courses along the way,
  • using animation solutions to animate visitors to stay on the road for longer,
  • with a complete complementary solution, it upgrades its surroundings and makes it attractive to tourists.
As a part of the project, we have added training stations in four locations with over 30 training facilities. At the expense of training stations, visitation and stay on the route have been extended significantly, while, at the same time, the visibility of the route and the promotion of the tourist offer of municipalities has increased. A special feature is a polygon with a sundial, a stopwatch.
»Kreal has offered original outdoor and fitness solutions that are esthetically pleasing and functional, with the exception that aluminum is used to provide a long life span in a challenging seaside climate zone.«