Themed toy - aircraft

The airplane includes facilities for play and motor development (climbing, slide, jumper, nets), sensory aids such as a control desk, and play and teaching aids.
The airplane offers a variety of activities to choose from, with the aim of stimulating the imagination of children and taking responsibility.

The tail of the airplane provides various grips on the airplane’s bar structure and triggering light effects. At the same time, the open tail serves as an entrance to the fuselage.

The cockpit is a semi-enclosed space with a control panel for piloting simulations.

The wings are two-tiered and enclosed by nets that form tunnel structures for climbing inside the wings. Certain parts are sealed with perforated sheet metal. The entrance to the wings is from the cabin and from the sides (ladder, rope).

The space above the cabin is netted and accessible from the cabin. The entrance to the slide is at the height of 3 meters.

To integrate the learning content, a cockpit flight simulation game system is added to enable simple command simulation.It is added: game-based power generation system and sound, and visual effects.