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Climbing With EClimber In The Gym On The Wall With Wooden Grips

Climbin wall with eClimber

Are you a climber?

A climbing gym owner? Or maybe you just have a climbing wall at your house.

If so, we’ve got the perfect product for you.

Introducing eClimber, the world’s first interactive LED fiber-optics grip training system for climbers—and it’s going to change the way you train forever.

eClimber makes ordinary climbing walls interactive and gives you access to a world of new skills and challenges. It works with all brands of holds, so it’s completely universal; but it also adapts to your own skill level and creates individualized training plans based on your needs. You’ll be able to compare your performance with other climbers across the globe, or even just with yourself! And because eClimber is scalable, it can be installed on any wall—from small indoor walls to large outdoor ones—without compromising quality or performance.

And best of all?

We’re making this product available at an affordable price point that makes sense for everyone—from individuals looking for an easy way to improve their climbing skills at home to gym owners who want new services they can offer their customers.

With eClimber, you can take your climbing wall from ordinary to extraordinary.

We know that the best climbers are constantly learning and training, so we created a product that allows you to do both, right at home in your own climbing gym.

eClimber is an interactive climbing wall that connects to your mobile app and allows you to track your progress and compare with other climbers. It’s perfect for climbers of all skill levels because it adapts to your skill level, and it works with any brand of holds!

Our product is scalable (all the way up to 2000 connected grips), so you can install it on any existing climbing wall. And because it’s completely universal, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. It even works with all brands of holds—that means no more worrying about purchasing new holds just for this system!

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